Practice Areas

Crisis & Conflict Management

Crises and conflicts can arise during any part of the business process and preventing them from occurring in the first place requires good scenario planning and simulation training. If a crisis has already occurred, it needs to be contained fast to control the damage and protect the client’s reputation and interests, helping to restore operations early on.

  • Litigation Communications

    Litigation communication demands strategic engagement with media, consumers, investors, employees and other key stakeholders who are directly involved or have interests in the legal case. Macoll’s litigation communications experts, many of whom are attorneys themselves, provide support for a wide range of civil, criminal and regulatory actions.

  • Transaction Communications

    Macoll supports transactions and related corporate developments, offering strategic advice to clients during and after M&A and other regulatory as well as financial procedures. We help clients to gain the trust of investors, employees and other relevant constituents during the M&A, restructuring, leveraged buy-outs, and other corporate financial transactions

  • Political Shift and Change of Government

    Sudden shifts in power and change of governments can have direct impact on businesses. Macoll’s government affairs team with deep backgrounds in politics, elections, government and public policy avails early warnings, intelligence gathering and practical solutions to avert potential risks and adverse factors that may result from changes in the political environment.

  • Employee Engagement

    Macoll’s HR team helps corporations to win the trust of its employees and constituents by implementing internal and external communications that addresses the needs of the business and organization in connection with the corporate culture and the wishes of its employees. The communication exercise of trust and fairness is the service we offer whether it is for a startup, management replacement, regulatory changes, labor disputes, restructuring and market departure.

  • Compliance and Safety Issues Management

    Ethical and regulatory compliance and other safety issues can occur at any time during corporate practice. Communication training and education as well as rapid response systems are critical to protecting the corporate reputation and minimizing the business interruption.

Public Affairs

Companies worldwide face growing competition and the opportunity to enter a new market is scarce. The situation is not much better for those corporations that already entered the market, but are unable to expand market shares. Often times, however, such challenges can be overcome by fostering policy changes and transforming the regulatory landscape. Since 2002, Macoll has successfully advised numerous international and domestic clients with its expertise in policy and public affairs.

  • Market Access
  • Legislative Communications
  • Stakeholder Advocacy
  • Competition and Antitrust
  • Public Procurement

Reputation Management & Public Relations

Though corporate reputation cannot be built over night, the field of communication has often shown that it can be damaged in a very short period of time. When well established, a company’s reputation in the market can be of tremendous boost to business promotion and a protective shield in times of crises. Through Macoll’s Reputation Assessment Model, a client can benefit reputation management strategy and response models that are custom-tailored to its needs.

  • Marketing Communications
  • Citizenship & CSR
  • Media Relations
  • Digital Communications
  • Campaign & Event management